When it comes to strength, what do you picture? Do you picture chiseled abs and carved out biceps? It's okay if you do. I totally used to think MUSCLE definition was all that I needed to see in order to determine how strong a person was/ how strong I was. After years of exploring ways of movement, I was so very wrong.

Recently, I was able to join movement specialist- fitness media expert Dr. Emily Splichal and Global face of Invictus by Paco Rabanne and former rugby player Nick Youngquest as they demonstrated the most advanced spring/summer fitness movements and innovations with NABOSO Barefoot Training Mat.

 Dr. Emily Splichal and Nick Youngquest moments before the event started.

Dr. Emily Splichal and Nick Youngquest moments before the event started.

Sure. We can all do our workouts without a mat or just lay out something you picked up at the checkout counter at your local store. But this mat is different. It's the world's first ever barefoot training mat created by Dr. Emily.  She used science and tons of research on where your strength really stems from... your feet.


NABOSO Technology is a product company that focuses on barefoot proprioceptive simulation. The material is designed to specifically stimulate the small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet. From skin stretch to vibration and texture - the plantar foot is sensitive to very specific stimuli. This stimuli then gets integrated into training to better improve stability, strength, and coordination. Hello, postural muscles! These proprioceptors once connected with, play a huge role in how strongly we COULD be doing everything.  The goal of this mat is to promote a more effective workout with long-lasting results more efficiently and precisely with connecting deeper in your body the second your feet hit the mat. 

The mat is available on NabosoTechnology.com as well as amazon.com. You can also experience movements on this mat at Pure Yoga in East and West New York. 


HEAT YOUR FEET with Dr. Emily

We started the HIIT workout by releasing all the tight muscles in your feet first by using RAD Rounds by RAD Roller. These were gifted to us that night! (Torture or a gift, I am still not sure). A lot of heavy breathing and swearing followed. It was insane to me how light on my feet I felt after. I felt ready. 

After rolling out our feet, we got right into prepping our bodies through  balance postures. This  focused on creating core stability before applying movement. Balance work happens to be my favorite. I love the intensity of zoning inward and tuning out any distraction around me. This sequence using the Rad Roller technique and NABOSO Technology triggered a deeper way of connection by adding more tactile senstaion through my feet. 


The HIIT workout started. This workout included foot to core sequences, repetitions and functional movements such as competitive programming, interval training, total conditioning, and mobility all in one workout. The only difference with what I am used to is that we really were able to wake up the feet which was a game changer for me. Between using the RAD Rounds and the sensation from the NABOSO mat, the moves were definitely more engaged and more on your toes (pun intended!) 

COOL IT DOWN with Nick Youngquest 

We then used the activation of the NABOSO Barefoot Training Mat for a yoga flow with Nick. It was the perfect way to seal our mindfulness training using the benefits of the mat. Although the entire workout was also guided by breath, this yoga sequence for me, wrapped this training in a pretty little bow. The body works in balance. Stretching should  be taken as seriously as the intensity of the workout. With that being said,  I appreciated Nick's contribution to this event. 


After the event, I really have been taking the time to stretch my feet and can overall see a difference in my step. Mindfulness training has really blown up more than ever because there is truth to it. When you give back to your body, it will give back that much more for you. It is not about always running, stepping, or pedaling one foot in front of the other - but feeling exactly where that power is coming from and driving it from there. I am thankful for Dr. Emily's beliefs and truly connected with her way of moving the body with the focus on creating strength from the inside out. 

Thank you, Dr. Emily and Nick for introducing these tools to deepen my everyday practice. 

NABOSO event fueled by Fit Factory NYC, Nutshell Nut Bars, WTRMLN Water, RAD Roller, and The Telsa Group.