Light it up with Yoga Spark

Want to make the most of your time? Sure you do. We are ALL busy humans. We need to create more space in our schedule for ourselves and plan more ways to reset verses always taking charge. Yoga Spark has your back. They will take care of that bracket of time you allow on your day to be free for you. In just 60 minutes, they will have you moving to music that helps you find your groove, strip away all the stress through sweating, and release your body with all the stretching! They even have amazing facilities to shower and get yourself ready for all that other stuff in your day. This place makes it easy to want to take time for yourself.

Now,  lets dive right into our Fit Collective experience with Yoga Spark. 

When it comes to yoga, we completely appreciate it, admire it, but I always have a hard time adjusting to it (AKA how are people breathing during this?!)

But last Friday afternoon quickly became FRI-YAY for both Jenna and I because of a 12:30pm sweat sesh at Yoga Spark.

I always loved how my body felt afterwards but for me, the practice always had a stressful tint to it, ironic right? But I know it is only because it takes time. With every practice, there is an art that none of us completely master every single day, we just get better.

Well. Yoga Spark had us feeling some type of way! I showed up to the studio super early,  as Jenna was meeting me there.  To kill some time, the Studio Manager, Julia gave me a grand tour and even maneuvered an extension cord to charge my phone to hang out with her at the front desk (gem!) It was a very warm welcome and quickly became a space I just wanted to hang out in. The locker room was spacious, beautiful, clean, and every product you could ever dream of needing right after a sweat fest- neatly placed on every counter top (appreciate it!)

Class began and I immediately felt a connection with our instructor, Christina, guiding us through the next 60 minutes of our afternoon. She started off class being completely upfront and real about what this experience should feel like.

"It is breathing and moving. Breathing and moving. That is all. It is us who complicate it."


She ensured us to just be easy with ourselves and to marry her wonderful directional cues  with our breath as best as we could. As a beginner, it was amazing that I felt I could totally close my eyes, connect to my body, and LISTEN to the next sequence. 

Christina was aware I was more of a beginner. She took the time to adjust me a few times. Her corrections felt more like a someone deeply caring about my alignment verses forcing anything or correcting me then leaving me there unsure of what was happening. I felt what needed to happen in that moment with my body. 

The flow was creative and seamless. Usually I become distracted holding unfamilar poses for which always seemed for an unrealistic period of time. But my hour at Yoga Spark felt different.  I had no worries about the time or any, "Dear God, how much longer are we holding this for?" moments. I truly enjoyed all the openness my body craved so badly. I am writing this to emphasis how much of a non-yogi I am. To walk in there open minded and willing to try, I walked out feeling lighter in both body and in spirit. I felt accomplished which has always been rare with any type of movement I do not regularly practice. I walked out knowing I will be back. That's the feeling we all strive for right? A place that can even go beyond the actual workout.

As class came to a close, we laid there in the dark. Feeling all my muscles just surrender to the floor. Just when I thought there was no longer anymore tension I could muster up to release, a cold tea tree savasana wash cloth was placed on my eyes. Phew. Now, I was total melted stick of butter. Then slowly, She shared a passage (read below) from Moises Aguilar, a philosopher, designer, yoga, and world traveler.

We all can inspire each other. What helps me find constant inspiration and motivation is finding the places that hold the people who just have IT. Because wonderful people make wonderful places. This is collective wisdom, a deep care for others, and inspiration in every direction. Moises shared this with the world, Christina then shared this with us, so then we can share this with others, and so forth. It's all Collective, baby. If you want it to be.

That hour also ignited my drive to be more patience with Yoga. I can't wait for the next time I get in there. Thank you to the staff who made us feel so welcomed and feel exactly where we wanted to be that day. Thank you Christina and Julia for the hospitality, the sweat, and the fun. I stand by my words that upon leaving we felt like we just hit up the spa. #SOLIT