It's the hardest part isn't it? The blank canvas that stares back at me, the day I found my first pair of cycle legs as I stumbled in those shoes towards a candlelit room, or the day I decided to take the plunge into revamping my new and improved grocery list. Trying to create room for better choices while tasting new ones. I did it. I started. Those beginnings are what has now fueled the fire to many other kickstarter moments in my life.

Now I'm at this place in my life, eager to start more, to learn more, and to experience even more.  I can't help but want those around me to feel that way too. Where I find myself now, having a deep desire that runs through me to inspire others to start. Start whatever it is that may be new, scary, or uncomfortable. The grass is greener on the other side- and no, that does not mean you have to meditate in a back bend while simultaneously balancing a smoothie on your tummy. Let's get real. You do you.  You find you . Then you just move with it. Now...


Ever since she was little she was in-between her love for the piano and for ballet. The balance got rough. School work piled up as much as practice was scheduled. Instead of playing tug of war, she decided to devote herself to one. Being the practical person she is, her parents just bought her this beautiful grand piano- so playing the piano it was. 

" I always kept my point shoes. Oh, those gorgeous pink toe shoes. They symbolize a time of joy... when a smile never left my face." ( Janyce said as the light beamed on her face and a smile arose.)

Janyce begins to tells the story of her start.

In my 20s and 30s, I was very active and enjoyed raising my children. One of the things we loved as a family was skiing. My special pleasure was Ballet Skiing.  

 (Say what?!) 

I would ski at a very small place called Hidden Valley in New Jersey that is no longer there. While skiing alone, I met this woman. This woman, in one day, ended up teaching me how to incorporate ballet into skiing. 

Doing 360 degree turns down the slopes of Vermont. These activities kept me in shape and, as we all feel, I thought it would last forever.

Fast forward... my children are grown. I now have  more time for myself to do the things that fulfill me but I also found that as I become older it became harder to do most things that I took for granted. Prior to barre3, I have tried many other methods of excercise and was not satisfied. I knew I wanted to stay active and be involved- I just had to find that " right" thing.

October 18th, 2012...a red letter day in my life, my first barre3 class in Livingston, New Jersey. That same joy and smile came back. I am so fortunate to have found this studio and become a Founding Member of the barre3 community. 

 Janyce showed off how moving her body makes her feel! This was taken right before her normally scheduled 9:45am barre3 class in Livingston ,NJ.

Janyce showed off how moving her body makes her feel! This was taken right before her normally scheduled 9:45am barre3 class in Livingston ,NJ.


I move because it makes me smile. Because it just makes me smile. It makes me feel great. You know, age is now entering into it. So even my friends look at me and say, " No way. I think they got your birthday wrong!" Fortunately there is joy in movement , but the main reason I do it is because we (her and her partner, Paul) take very challenging vacations.

I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places. We have made it our lifestyle to see the beauty of nature in all of the hidden places of the world. I do this to maintain my strength to be physically fit for our adventures and expeditions. Because of movement, I was able to trek up the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, where people were dropping off like flies! I could then enjoy being in the presence of Mountain Gorillas. Which led to climbing one of the highest sand dunes in Namibia and jogging back down. We have ascended hundreds of steps to the tops of ancient temples in Myanmar and Cambodia to perch at the top. To watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

I almost fell off a horse once. I was getting back on the horse. I went to climb completely forgetting it was an English saddle with no horn. I went to grab the horn that was not there and I slipped. My foot was still in the stirrup, I was hanging off. I actually lifted myself up from my core. Which to me, is not very strong, but my core really must be. So all my grand kids are sitting there in disbelief that I just did a sit up and got right back in the saddle. 

 Janyce rocking the dunes in Namibia.

Janyce rocking the dunes in Namibia.


Don't be afraid. You can do it at your own pace. Some days are bad and I I have to really modify or do my plank at the barre. But it is your own personal accomplishment. Sometimes I don't enter in challenges at the studio because I am just not sure if I can be there everyday. But everyday is my personal challenge. Even when I don't get into the studio, I keep myself going. I am always active- but I want to be.

When you find the movement you enjoy, it just makes you more secure in going out running, walking four miles, climbing, or hiking. We love to hike. You feel strong. It empowers me when I start climbing or hiking. It makes you emotionally and mentally stronger. The more confidence you will grow in your daily routine, which then leads to a more balanced life.

Movement is natural. At barre3 I set my own personal goals. My goals are to be limber enough and strong enough to do more exciting things- things that are still left to be done. My internal strength amazes me at my age ( 70 candles this year). My every day movement naturally utilizes the exercises and postures I have learned. I often wish I had this thirty years ago.


As you are reading this we will most likely be with orangutans in the jungles of Borneo. I am also looking forward to striking a pose with the penguins in Antarctica in the future. All with no fear of being strong enough to endure the trip.

My movement has kept this smile on my face and has me feeling as good as that young girl. 


Put it this way, if I was not already moving, I am now! Thank you Janyce for sharing your story on why it matters to move your body. Most importantly, the goal of finding the absolute JOY through moving whatever that may be for you.  Move your body because you love your body. See what it gives back.

I want to be like Janyce when I grow up.