“Are we ever really there? Even when we get there, we can still think of all the places that we have yet to go,” SoulCycle Instructor, Krista Bonura, stated to a room full of riders including myself. She began to reflect back on a memory when she was a child, riding in the backseat of her Mother’s car, constantly asking, “Are we there yet?"


Being from Jersey, I was born to talk fast, work fast, while getting that to-do list down and done fast. Just when I hit a plateau, I am looking to see what mountain is next. Life is this continuous climb and in most aspects, it should feel that way. We always find a wall to push up against. If only there was a pause button after each time we knocked one down. There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high and craving that accomplishment, but when do we just soak in the awesomeness of where we are right now ?To kick back to reflect on how far we traveled to get to this point.


“Show yourself how well you can dance with your fears,” Krista encourages. It is very clear to me that Krista strives for her classes to feel like one big giant conversation, one you constantly have with yourself, as well as a conversation you have with each other. To just let our bodies’ flow together, filling up the room with the kind of energy that we should be filling up our lives with. Whether you are in a state of panic, glory, or totally drawing a blank on what your “future” plans are, this moment is not going to last. Might as well be 100 % of yourself to let people see YOU and experience YOU.


Whether it is at a job that is not serving you, a day at the beach riding a bike with your love, or just having one of those days when it feels like you are the butt of each joke, there is still a significance you can take from each day had. Take one great piece of advice, one great laugh, or even one great moment of silence from each day. We can’t be perfect, why start the day acting as if it should be?


I hope this post leaves you to feel as if you are riding shotgun on a sunny day; eyes naturally close as your hand effortlessly cups the air. Let this be a reminder to go out there and breathe in the day. It feels so good to be here.

Be where you are. Be okay with it. Dance with it.



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