Project Physique: Yoga'llet


Well what started off as an achy, rainy day feeling, quickly turned upside down- in downward dog perfection.  e + j got graceful this morning with a very innovative class class Yoga'llet, honing in on  j's love for dance + e's love for athleticism. 

Some magical little place has been growing inside Chatham, New Jersey. An imitate class taught by Katye Kane Stanzak, who is a certified Yoga Alliance 200 E- RYT vinyasa yoga instructor, OMschooled certified kids yoga instructor, + ballet barre trained instructor. Basically, she knows the ins + outs of working the body. 

Her deja vu of the flow of yoga meets the flow of dance, has helped her create this masterpiece of Yoga'llet. 

Class did exactly that. It flowed. To be honest, entering the class I was not sure how long it would be for. I assumed it was an hour in length + it totally was. What made it flow on by was the great music threading in + out of the choreography. My favorite was that in between each tiresome stretch + strength move, each client had a choice of holding downward dog, a plank, or going for a straight vinyasa flow. Totally what my body needed this morning to kick start the rest of today's work day. These tiny moments from contracting the muscle to finding length, defintley triggered each muscle to fatigue. We loved how each sequence was then sandwiched with  a reset of yoga + straight back into the next move. It makes the workout possible rather then defeating. 

We talked with Katye afterwards about how your body craves something new.  You can find Katye at any given studio using her talents + mindfulness to inspire her body to become full circle of what it needs/ what it is capable of. We could not agree more! It truly shows as Katye takes over the room, she gets right down there with you + gives your body a new way to move, familiar but totally different with her own added spice. 

We rocked to the music. From the standing a the top of our mats, to flat back strength moves, to the ballet barre, to being in center with optional hand weights. Each move was precise + executed with strong cues to properly align yourself. Being such an intimate class, Katye made sure she came around to each of us to enforce the correct alignment. I LOVE a good hands on. It connects me deeper + makes you feel important. Hands on make you feel safe. Katye guided us all through the flow to help each client obtain the best workout for them today.

Constantly trying new things. Finding the uncomfortable as soon as the comfortable is found. We are very happy to have met Katye Stanzak who is daring, knowledgable , + a total balanced badass.

A VERY happy hump day to us ( followed by an epsom salt bath) !

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