When it comes to strength, what do you picture? Do you picture chiseled abs and carved out biceps? It's okay if you do. I totally used to think MUSCLE definition was all that I needed to see in order to determine how strong a person was/ how strong I was. After years of exploring ways of movement, I was so very wrong.

Recently, I was able to join movement specialist- fitness media expert Dr. Emily Splichal and Global face of Invictus by Paco Rabanne and former rugby player Nick Youngquest as they demonstrated the most advanced spring/summer fitness movements and innovations with NABOSO Barefoot Training Mat.

 Dr. Emily Splichal and Nick Youngquest moments before the event started.

Dr. Emily Splichal and Nick Youngquest moments before the event started.

Sure. We can all do our workouts without a mat or just lay out something you picked up at the checkout counter at your local store. But this mat is different. It's the world's first ever barefoot training mat created by Dr. Emily.  She used science and tons of research on where your strength really stems from... your feet.


NABOSO Technology is a product company that focuses on barefoot proprioceptive simulation. The material is designed to specifically stimulate the small nerve proprioceptors in the bottom of the feet. From skin stretch to vibration and texture - the plantar foot is sensitive to very specific stimuli. This stimuli then gets integrated into training to better improve stability, strength, and coordination. Hello, postural muscles! These proprioceptors once connected with, play a huge role in how strongly we COULD be doing everything.  The goal of this mat is to promote a more effective workout with long-lasting results more efficiently and precisely with connecting deeper in your body the second your feet hit the mat. 

The mat is available on NabosoTechnology.com as well as amazon.com. You can also experience movements on this mat at Pure Yoga in East and West New York. 


HEAT YOUR FEET with Dr. Emily

We started the HIIT workout by releasing all the tight muscles in your feet first by using RAD Rounds by RAD Roller. These were gifted to us that night! (Torture or a gift, I am still not sure). A lot of heavy breathing and swearing followed. It was insane to me how light on my feet I felt after. I felt ready. 

After rolling out our feet, we got right into prepping our bodies through  balance postures. This  focused on creating core stability before applying movement. Balance work happens to be my favorite. I love the intensity of zoning inward and tuning out any distraction around me. This sequence using the Rad Roller technique and NABOSO Technology triggered a deeper way of connection by adding more tactile senstaion through my feet. 


The HIIT workout started. This workout included foot to core sequences, repetitions and functional movements such as competitive programming, interval training, total conditioning, and mobility all in one workout. The only difference with what I am used to is that we really were able to wake up the feet which was a game changer for me. Between using the RAD Rounds and the sensation from the NABOSO mat, the moves were definitely more engaged and more on your toes (pun intended!) 

COOL IT DOWN with Nick Youngquest 

We then used the activation of the NABOSO Barefoot Training Mat for a yoga flow with Nick. It was the perfect way to seal our mindfulness training using the benefits of the mat. Although the entire workout was also guided by breath, this yoga sequence for me, wrapped this training in a pretty little bow. The body works in balance. Stretching should  be taken as seriously as the intensity of the workout. With that being said,  I appreciated Nick's contribution to this event. 


After the event, I really have been taking the time to stretch my feet and can overall see a difference in my step. Mindfulness training has really blown up more than ever because there is truth to it. When you give back to your body, it will give back that much more for you. It is not about always running, stepping, or pedaling one foot in front of the other - but feeling exactly where that power is coming from and driving it from there. I am thankful for Dr. Emily's beliefs and truly connected with her way of moving the body with the focus on creating strength from the inside out. 

Thank you, Dr. Emily and Nick for introducing these tools to deepen my everyday practice. 

NABOSO event fueled by Fit Factory NYC, Nutshell Nut Bars, WTRMLN Water, RAD Roller, and The Telsa Group.

Light it up with Yoga Spark

Want to make the most of your time? Sure you do. We are ALL busy humans. We need to create more space in our schedule for ourselves and plan more ways to reset verses always taking charge. Yoga Spark has your back. They will take care of that bracket of time you allow on your day to be free for you. In just 60 minutes, they will have you moving to music that helps you find your groove, strip away all the stress through sweating, and release your body with all the stretching! They even have amazing facilities to shower and get yourself ready for all that other stuff in your day. This place makes it easy to want to take time for yourself. http://yoga-spark.com

Now,  lets dive right into our Fit Collective experience with Yoga Spark. 

When it comes to yoga, we completely appreciate it, admire it, but I always have a hard time adjusting to it (AKA how are people breathing during this?!)

But last Friday afternoon quickly became FRI-YAY for both Jenna and I because of a 12:30pm sweat sesh at Yoga Spark.

I always loved how my body felt afterwards but for me, the practice always had a stressful tint to it, ironic right? But I know it is only because it takes time. With every practice, there is an art that none of us completely master every single day, we just get better.

Well. Yoga Spark had us feeling some type of way! I showed up to the studio super early,  as Jenna was meeting me there.  To kill some time, the Studio Manager, Julia gave me a grand tour and even maneuvered an extension cord to charge my phone to hang out with her at the front desk (gem!) It was a very warm welcome and quickly became a space I just wanted to hang out in. The locker room was spacious, beautiful, clean, and every product you could ever dream of needing right after a sweat fest- neatly placed on every counter top (appreciate it!)

Class began and I immediately felt a connection with our instructor, Christina, guiding us through the next 60 minutes of our afternoon. She started off class being completely upfront and real about what this experience should feel like.

"It is breathing and moving. Breathing and moving. That is all. It is us who complicate it."


She ensured us to just be easy with ourselves and to marry her wonderful directional cues  with our breath as best as we could. As a beginner, it was amazing that I felt I could totally close my eyes, connect to my body, and LISTEN to the next sequence. 

Christina was aware I was more of a beginner. She took the time to adjust me a few times. Her corrections felt more like a someone deeply caring about my alignment verses forcing anything or correcting me then leaving me there unsure of what was happening. I felt what needed to happen in that moment with my body. 

The flow was creative and seamless. Usually I become distracted holding unfamilar poses for which always seemed for an unrealistic period of time. But my hour at Yoga Spark felt different.  I had no worries about the time or any, "Dear God, how much longer are we holding this for?" moments. I truly enjoyed all the openness my body craved so badly. I am writing this to emphasis how much of a non-yogi I am. To walk in there open minded and willing to try, I walked out feeling lighter in both body and in spirit. I felt accomplished which has always been rare with any type of movement I do not regularly practice. I walked out knowing I will be back. That's the feeling we all strive for right? A place that can even go beyond the actual workout.

As class came to a close, we laid there in the dark. Feeling all my muscles just surrender to the floor. Just when I thought there was no longer anymore tension I could muster up to release, a cold tea tree savasana wash cloth was placed on my eyes. Phew. Now, I was total melted stick of butter. Then slowly, She shared a passage (read below) from Moises Aguilar, a philosopher, designer, yoga, and world traveler.

We all can inspire each other. What helps me find constant inspiration and motivation is finding the places that hold the people who just have IT. Because wonderful people make wonderful places. This is collective wisdom, a deep care for others, and inspiration in every direction. Moises shared this with the world, Christina then shared this with us, so then we can share this with others, and so forth. It's all Collective, baby. If you want it to be.

That hour also ignited my drive to be more patience with Yoga. I can't wait for the next time I get in there. Thank you to the staff who made us feel so welcomed and feel exactly where we wanted to be that day. Thank you Christina and Julia for the hospitality, the sweat, and the fun. I stand by my words that upon leaving we felt like we just hit up the spa. #SOLIT




Summer of Surf event on July 22nd, 2016.

When I first came across "SurfYogaBeer," I immediately wanted to know more. It's that kind of trio of words that spoke balanced fun to me right away. From being highly involved in finding more ways to move my body, I find myself getting more and more eager each day to find out  what everyone else is doing for movement. Fitness makes me nosy and I am not ashamed to admit it. I stopped living in my bubble years ago. Once I broke free of what "all the cool kids were doing" , I found freedom.

But let's chat about SurfYogaBeer. It is definitely way more than just those three magical words. This is a fitness adventure company who's main focus is to bring people together for the sweat AND the fun.  They stress the importance ofmoving and fueling your body, but more importantly, it should ultimately feel like a celebration.

SYB hosts local events in NYC and even have a team based out in San Diego. You can check out their website here (http://www.surfyogabeer.com) for there fitness vacations as well. I don't know about you, but combining fitness along with a vacation, is basically the ultimate sandwich that I would very much enjoy eating!


One early sunny Friday morning , I traveled to Union Square with my boyfriend, Phil, for one of SurfYogaBeer's local events in NYC.  We arrived in the park aimlessly walking around trying to find other SYB goer's . Ah-ha! Slowly they started rolling in. Each person was very warm and made it very clear that they never surfed before.  (Glad we got that out of the way!)

Mantas, SYB's Director+ Surf Instructor/SoulCycle Instructor, rolled up in a big white van with the biggest smile on his face and immediately made sure his crew for the day was geared up with apparel. We were gifted SYB tanks and awesome sunnies. Once we all were set, we hopped in. Something about jumping into a van with complete strangers actually felt so right. We spent the car ride chatting with each other, drinking watermelon water (which was also provided), laughing, and just getting completely pumped up to spend the day with a bunch of people who we may not have met otherwise. All I know is this-  getting yourself involved whether it's a painting class,  acro yoga, a book club, or what have you, 99.9% of the time you will meet someone you've never met before.  Connections make life feel much more sweeter.


We landed. We hit the sand.  As a team we completed a beach boot camp lead by Barry's Boot Camp instructor, Bradford Rahmlow and City row/Solace instructor/Nike Trainer, Alex Silver-Fagan.   They started us up with a warm-up to get the whole body heated and prepped. They both formulated a workout that was do-able and efficient while respecting all levels. They had us work in partners in order to get out of your comfort zone. These ice breakers ultimately made us all feel closer as the day went on.  I think my favorite was the "Indian Run."

An "Indian Run" begins when the last person in line sprints to the front.  When that person gets there, the next person at the end of the line then sprints to the front, and so on. The instructors made it clear to keep it slow and keep it smart. I love the idea of cheering each other on no matter what. It lit a fire under you once you knew people were waiting on you to get there.

"Did we just become best friends? YUP!"

We refueled with provided snacks and watermelon waters or known as, "WTRMLNWTR." These things are magical after any type of action.


Mantas started showing us the basics on the sand telling us all we needed to know to get out there, the techniques, and lift off. He kept it simple and not too overwhelming because the best way to learn is to DO- so that is what we did!  He took us out and spent quality time with each person (or AKA helped drag me out. Thank you). The cool thing about the whole surfing experience is that it was all in good fun. We got rocked, we fell, and we all expected it.  Not to mention all the crazy new muscles I felt that were targeted the next day.

We celebrated those who stood or even came close to riding it out all the way. Even though, I felt like I lost a few fights afterwards, I felt super happy to be able to feel anything. 


After the sweat and the ride, we got beers.  Refreshing!   Mantas took us to Rockaway Beach Surf Club.  Umm hello, did I just walk into an island? It truly was a funky yet authentic little hidden gem. HIGHLY RECOMMEND going to for an awesome cap off of a nice summer day. Don't walk out without getting a fresh coconut cracked open for yourself either. 

Mindful moderation is key. I truly believe achieving balance is not a thing. Throughout life it is a practice of having balance in my opinion and I love that SYB truly gave me a balanced day. Some days you have it and some days, you don't...and that is okay. 

I felt closer to myself, to my boyfriend, and to a ton of strangers. Just in one day, I did something new and I felt nothing but joy after. I don't want to go through life not trying , not doing, or not exploring. 

As years go by, I realize how important it is to get yourself out there and how many beautiful people are out there. Sounds cheesy, but all these connections are waiting to be made and you either take the opportunity or you don't. I crave being around those who make something much more out of what is just in front of them. Those creative people that are driven by good vibes and hard work. If that sounds like yourself, SurfYogaBeer is that crew for you.

Thank you SYB, for organizing the type of gathering that will constantly be pulling people out of their own heads and straight into their own bodies. Everything you're aiming for is unfolding. I am  thrilled to attend more SurfYogaBeer events in the future and seeing familiar faces, as well as new.

Thank you Mantas, for having the patience of a god. Teaching us new tricks and showing us that life is not meant to be taken too seriously. Next time we meet, I hope it is on a bike and in your class! ( check out his next ride here, https://www.soul-cycle.com/instructors/235/mantas/ )

Find your tribe, find your sweat, and find your fun.

 Rockaway Beach, NY SYB CREW

Rockaway Beach, NY SYB CREW







It's the hardest part isn't it? The blank canvas that stares back at me, the day I found my first pair of cycle legs as I stumbled in those shoes towards a candlelit room, or the day I decided to take the plunge into revamping my new and improved grocery list. Trying to create room for better choices while tasting new ones. I did it. I started. Those beginnings are what has now fueled the fire to many other kickstarter moments in my life.

Now I'm at this place in my life, eager to start more, to learn more, and to experience even more.  I can't help but want those around me to feel that way too. Where I find myself now, having a deep desire that runs through me to inspire others to start. Start whatever it is that may be new, scary, or uncomfortable. The grass is greener on the other side- and no, that does not mean you have to meditate in a back bend while simultaneously balancing a smoothie on your tummy. Let's get real. You do you.  You find you . Then you just move with it. Now...


Ever since she was little she was in-between her love for the piano and for ballet. The balance got rough. School work piled up as much as practice was scheduled. Instead of playing tug of war, she decided to devote herself to one. Being the practical person she is, her parents just bought her this beautiful grand piano- so playing the piano it was. 

" I always kept my point shoes. Oh, those gorgeous pink toe shoes. They symbolize a time of joy... when a smile never left my face." ( Janyce said as the light beamed on her face and a smile arose.)

Janyce begins to tells the story of her start.

In my 20s and 30s, I was very active and enjoyed raising my children. One of the things we loved as a family was skiing. My special pleasure was Ballet Skiing.  

 (Say what?!) 

I would ski at a very small place called Hidden Valley in New Jersey that is no longer there. While skiing alone, I met this woman. This woman, in one day, ended up teaching me how to incorporate ballet into skiing. 

Doing 360 degree turns down the slopes of Vermont. These activities kept me in shape and, as we all feel, I thought it would last forever.

Fast forward... my children are grown. I now have  more time for myself to do the things that fulfill me but I also found that as I become older it became harder to do most things that I took for granted. Prior to barre3, I have tried many other methods of excercise and was not satisfied. I knew I wanted to stay active and be involved- I just had to find that " right" thing.

October 18th, 2012...a red letter day in my life, my first barre3 class in Livingston, New Jersey. That same joy and smile came back. I am so fortunate to have found this studio and become a Founding Member of the barre3 community. 

 Janyce showed off how moving her body makes her feel! This was taken right before her normally scheduled 9:45am barre3 class in Livingston ,NJ.

Janyce showed off how moving her body makes her feel! This was taken right before her normally scheduled 9:45am barre3 class in Livingston ,NJ.


I move because it makes me smile. Because it just makes me smile. It makes me feel great. You know, age is now entering into it. So even my friends look at me and say, " No way. I think they got your birthday wrong!" Fortunately there is joy in movement , but the main reason I do it is because we (her and her partner, Paul) take very challenging vacations.

I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing new places. We have made it our lifestyle to see the beauty of nature in all of the hidden places of the world. I do this to maintain my strength to be physically fit for our adventures and expeditions. Because of movement, I was able to trek up the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda, where people were dropping off like flies! I could then enjoy being in the presence of Mountain Gorillas. Which led to climbing one of the highest sand dunes in Namibia and jogging back down. We have ascended hundreds of steps to the tops of ancient temples in Myanmar and Cambodia to perch at the top. To watch spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

I almost fell off a horse once. I was getting back on the horse. I went to climb completely forgetting it was an English saddle with no horn. I went to grab the horn that was not there and I slipped. My foot was still in the stirrup, I was hanging off. I actually lifted myself up from my core. Which to me, is not very strong, but my core really must be. So all my grand kids are sitting there in disbelief that I just did a sit up and got right back in the saddle. 

 Janyce rocking the dunes in Namibia.

Janyce rocking the dunes in Namibia.


Don't be afraid. You can do it at your own pace. Some days are bad and I I have to really modify or do my plank at the barre. But it is your own personal accomplishment. Sometimes I don't enter in challenges at the studio because I am just not sure if I can be there everyday. But everyday is my personal challenge. Even when I don't get into the studio, I keep myself going. I am always active- but I want to be.

When you find the movement you enjoy, it just makes you more secure in going out running, walking four miles, climbing, or hiking. We love to hike. You feel strong. It empowers me when I start climbing or hiking. It makes you emotionally and mentally stronger. The more confidence you will grow in your daily routine, which then leads to a more balanced life.

Movement is natural. At barre3 I set my own personal goals. My goals are to be limber enough and strong enough to do more exciting things- things that are still left to be done. My internal strength amazes me at my age ( 70 candles this year). My every day movement naturally utilizes the exercises and postures I have learned. I often wish I had this thirty years ago.


As you are reading this we will most likely be with orangutans in the jungles of Borneo. I am also looking forward to striking a pose with the penguins in Antarctica in the future. All with no fear of being strong enough to endure the trip.

My movement has kept this smile on my face and has me feeling as good as that young girl. 


Put it this way, if I was not already moving, I am now! Thank you Janyce for sharing your story on why it matters to move your body. Most importantly, the goal of finding the absolute JOY through moving whatever that may be for you.  Move your body because you love your body. See what it gives back.

I want to be like Janyce when I grow up.





Project Physique: Yoga'llet


Well what started off as an achy, rainy day feeling, quickly turned upside down- in downward dog perfection.  e + j got graceful this morning with a very innovative class class Yoga'llet, honing in on  j's love for dance + e's love for athleticism. 

Some magical little place has been growing inside Chatham, New Jersey. An imitate class taught by Katye Kane Stanzak, who is a certified Yoga Alliance 200 E- RYT vinyasa yoga instructor, OMschooled certified kids yoga instructor, + ballet barre trained instructor. Basically, she knows the ins + outs of working the body. 

Her deja vu of the flow of yoga meets the flow of dance, has helped her create this masterpiece of Yoga'llet. 

Class did exactly that. It flowed. To be honest, entering the class I was not sure how long it would be for. I assumed it was an hour in length + it totally was. What made it flow on by was the great music threading in + out of the choreography. My favorite was that in between each tiresome stretch + strength move, each client had a choice of holding downward dog, a plank, or going for a straight vinyasa flow. Totally what my body needed this morning to kick start the rest of today's work day. These tiny moments from contracting the muscle to finding length, defintley triggered each muscle to fatigue. We loved how each sequence was then sandwiched with  a reset of yoga + straight back into the next move. It makes the workout possible rather then defeating. 

We talked with Katye afterwards about how your body craves something new.  You can find Katye at any given studio using her talents + mindfulness to inspire her body to become full circle of what it needs/ what it is capable of. We could not agree more! It truly shows as Katye takes over the room, she gets right down there with you + gives your body a new way to move, familiar but totally different with her own added spice. 

We rocked to the music. From the standing a the top of our mats, to flat back strength moves, to the ballet barre, to being in center with optional hand weights. Each move was precise + executed with strong cues to properly align yourself. Being such an intimate class, Katye made sure she came around to each of us to enforce the correct alignment. I LOVE a good hands on. It connects me deeper + makes you feel important. Hands on make you feel safe. Katye guided us all through the flow to help each client obtain the best workout for them today.

Constantly trying new things. Finding the uncomfortable as soon as the comfortable is found. We are very happy to have met Katye Stanzak who is daring, knowledgable , + a total balanced badass.

A VERY happy hump day to us ( followed by an epsom salt bath) !

For more info, please visit  www.yogallet.com 


e + j


Thank you notes

e + I just took a SoulCycle class together. Both dripping with sweat, I was simply thankful to experience the present moment, right here, right now. We listened to some kick ass music that moved us,  as we were reminded that we are enough. We have enough. Krista (Bonura) our instructor shared a few gems that stuck with both of us after class such as, stop chasing it. or anything.... it's already there. 

During this time of the year, it's easy to get caught up in the madness and holiday rush.  It's also easy to get caught up in your own head and own lives. 

Yet life is so short and can be taken away so quickly.  I was reminded of that these past weeks as we received some family health news (I won't go into it here) but it was an eye opener to be thankful for my health and thankful to go after my dreams. Step by step. One by one.  Typically the what scares you the most is what you SHOULD do.  I keep reminding myself get out of your comfort zone!

Then to add on the Paris attacks and what's happening around the world.... It can all be too much.

Today I'm thankful to wake up everyday to be given the opportunity to move freely, make the day my own, give it all I've got and hopefully go home and share it with the ones I love.  I wish the same for you.

I'm also reminded this Thanksgiving to keep it simple. I tend to complicate and overthink things (a lot!) Trust in yourself. The answer is there no matter how many people you speak to.  

Which brings us to family and friends. They are there to support you every step of the way. I'm thankful for my friends who get (like Erin!) and lift me up on a daily basis.  We're all trying to figure it out no matter what age we are.  

So take a deep breath. Bask in the sunshine. Find the beauty in your everyday. It's there.  

Thank you all for taking this journey with us. More to come.... 

Happy, Happy Thanksgiving!!  



“You don’t have to, you get to.”

This is something I have been constantly hearing from those around me involved in the fitness world. It is a saying that serves as a reminder to truly how incredibly lucky we are to move in our bodies. Whether it is to the rhythm or stretching down towards our toes.

Fitness is not about punishing yourself. Something huge I had to learn. It is a celebration of you. An opportunity to grow into a stronger version of yourself, mind as well as body.

I am thankful everyday to be able to ride a bike free, to walk my foot in front of the other, and to decide that I “get” to sweat in my day, for me.


Now that I think of it, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It is that pause from our hectic and self-centered lifestyles that makes you pull back, ground down, and notice how COOL life is. How GREAT the people around us are. I know when I get together with my family that things truly come full circle. Thanksgiving is my reality check.

“ Wait a minute, I truly do have it all. ”

I might have zero clue what is ahead of me but I am sure of what I see in front of me. We talk about life. My relatives always have a glow in their eyes when I tell them what crazy thing I am doing next or how clueless I am when it comes to my future. They root for me. That is all you really could ever ask for or need.

I am thankful for every inch of me. Even the parts I am still learning to love. I am thankful everyday for the my family and friends constant support and love (and sense of humor!). It is not about showing your appreciation today and forgetting all about it the next day. However, I am grateful to have a solid day together to really focus on life's largest gift. To be able to do exactly it is that we are doing. 





Friday Jams Vol 1

Happy Friday, everyone! Or shall we say Fri-yay?  What better way to start the weekend than with a kick-ass playlist. 

These jams combined with the nearly 80 degree weather we're having will put you in a good mood whatever your plans may be.  

This is the start of many Friday playlists to come. So open up Spotify, then hit play on Fit Collective NYC Vol 1.  https://open.spotify.com/user/127475133/playlist/5BxeQ4hoSOBy4NI9D0nWLq

Dance break to follow.  Guaranteed. Enjoy! 


e + j  

"And though she be but little, she is fierce"

The Fitness community is constantly bringing strangers together day in and day out to show that as a group we can achieve more than just the physical. It is a place where you see the same faces and experience new- each time doubling the amount of energy. Working out is something we do for ourselves. A slot in the day that is just for you. However, sometimes a workout pushes you through and  eventually, past emotions you pull up from life a long the way. Yes, it is about you- but the effort can solely come from a bigger source.

This Sunday, November 8th, at barre3 Livingston, Cherilyn Reynolds will be teaching a donation based class for something greater than just results- it is to live. We sat down with Cherilyn after a sweaty class to ask her about why Sunday has been the biggest prep of all and why it is something to be apart of. 

I haven't been teaching barre3 for that long, but I've always had a passion for fitness and helping others. To me, barre3 is the perfect combination of both. Some clients walk in the door for their first class unaware of the capability their body really has; they have yet to discover that deep connection between their brain and their muscles. These same clients are the ones that inspire and amaze me as I follow them on their barre3 journey. As they progress throughout weeks and months of classes, I can see both a  physical and an emotional transformation. That is my favorite part of teaching - the results. The reason I'm so passionate about barre3 and I believe in it is because it is more than a workout... it's a lifestyle change.

Helping clients reach a certain goal makes teaching even more rewarding. This could mean weight loss, eating better, muscle toning, or just the goal of committing to taking class twice a week. As instructors, we encourage and motivate clients to get closer to (and eventually meet) their set goals. Sometimes those goals may be something away from the studio or your dinner plate. There is one goal to be met that has been near and dear to my heart for a few months now. This goal has been set by a little girl who is just one year old. With the help of her family, friends, and the encouraging community surrounding her, we can all hep her achieve her goal. That goal is to conquer cancer.

Emma Marie Wyman was born on October 18, 2014 and has been through more in her short year of life than most people will ever go through. In late spring, doctors discovered a  tumor inside of Emma, and after weeks full of inconclusive tests and many questions, doctors determined she had an undifferentiated sarcoma. Her parents, Lindsey and AJ, who are our very good friends, were devastated. We were devastated. How could this happen to such a small, sweet, innocent baby?

The doctors' plan was to start chemotherapy right away. The Wyman family headed down to the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in hopes that her tumor would start to shrink. About 30 seconds into her treatment, Emma went into cardiac arrest. Her heart had stopped, doctors were able to revive her, but she remained heavily sedated for about a week. She had suffered a stroke. The family was already living a nightmare, and it just got worse.

The next few months were filled with physical, occupational and speech therapy on top of already scheduled chemo treatments. Emma had to learn how to regain mobility on the left side of her body, which was affected by the stroke. Doctors and therapists set goals for her each session, and slowly but surely, she began to meet those goals. She truly lives up to her nickname of "princess warrior."

Last month, Emma had surgery to remove the tumor from her body. The chemotherapy has been working to shrink the tumor so doctors could remove it. They were able to remove most of the tumor, but she will continue treatment for a few more rounds.

Emma's goal is to finish her chemo treatment and get stronger. Though she can't understand what she is going through, and we can't understand why, we can do our part to help. As I mentioned above, I have a passion for fitness and a passion for helping people, especially my close friends and family. I will be teaching two barre3 classes at barre3 Livingston this Sunday, November 8. One hundred percent of the proceeds collected will be donated toward Emma's treatment. 

Emma is working harder than ever to meet her goal. I'd love for you to set a goal before class on Sunday, maybe find a way to deepen your workout, or find a way to get back into the world of fitness if you've been away for awhile. You will be helping a strong little girl fight through her battle with cancer and ultimately conquer it. I encourage you to come out this Sunday, November 8 to become one of "Emma's Angels." 

Classes will be held at both 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm. There is a $25 donation fee associated with class. Please sign up in advance: http://bit.ly/1M8EF2n  

Come dance, move, and shake. Celebrate you to help celebrate others. 


For more information on Emma's Angels, please visit: https://www.youcaring.com/emma-marie-wyman-389549



“Are we ever really there? Even when we get there, we can still think of all the places that we have yet to go,” SoulCycle Instructor, Krista Bonura, stated to a room full of riders including myself. She began to reflect back on a memory when she was a child, riding in the backseat of her Mother’s car, constantly asking, “Are we there yet?"


Being from Jersey, I was born to talk fast, work fast, while getting that to-do list down and done fast. Just when I hit a plateau, I am looking to see what mountain is next. Life is this continuous climb and in most aspects, it should feel that way. We always find a wall to push up against. If only there was a pause button after each time we knocked one down. There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high and craving that accomplishment, but when do we just soak in the awesomeness of where we are right now ?To kick back to reflect on how far we traveled to get to this point.


“Show yourself how well you can dance with your fears,” Krista encourages. It is very clear to me that Krista strives for her classes to feel like one big giant conversation, one you constantly have with yourself, as well as a conversation you have with each other. To just let our bodies’ flow together, filling up the room with the kind of energy that we should be filling up our lives with. Whether you are in a state of panic, glory, or totally drawing a blank on what your “future” plans are, this moment is not going to last. Might as well be 100 % of yourself to let people see YOU and experience YOU.


Whether it is at a job that is not serving you, a day at the beach riding a bike with your love, or just having one of those days when it feels like you are the butt of each joke, there is still a significance you can take from each day had. Take one great piece of advice, one great laugh, or even one great moment of silence from each day. We can’t be perfect, why start the day acting as if it should be?


I hope this post leaves you to feel as if you are riding shotgun on a sunny day; eyes naturally close as your hand effortlessly cups the air. Let this be a reminder to go out there and breathe in the day. It feels so good to be here.

Be where you are. Be okay with it. Dance with it.



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