Spotlight: Miss Linette, My First Dance Teacher

It's a new year and I'm beyond excited to share a new series on G&G called Spotlight.  I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to watching Inside the Actor's Studio. I love hearing about artist's background stories, dreams, aspirations, and more.  Therefore for my very first Spotlight, I interviewed my very first dance teacher who taught me how to 'shuffle step' at 3 years old:  Miss Linette Venne Arleo.   Miss Linette teaches at June Claire School of Dance on Long Island where I danced for over fifteen years and loved every minute of it.   Miss Linette, I'm beyond grateful to you for teaching me how to dance my first steps. Thank you for sharing your story and fabulous dance photos with us.   

Miss Linette top hat.jpg

G&G: How long have you been dancing for?

LVA: I have been dancing since I was 5 years old, sooo 43 years!!

 Little Linette

Little Linette

G&G: What or who inspired you to become a dance teacher?  What do you love about it? (or dislike) 

LVA: My main inspiration for wanting to be a dance teacher was my teacher Miss Lynda (Lynda Gache.) She really made dancing so enjoyable to me, to the point that all I wanted to do was DANCE!
What I love about teaching is seeing the improvement of my students and seeing the love of dance on their faces that I had on mine.

Miss Linette 2.jpg

G&G: You teach at June Claire, where I started dancing when I was 3!  You were my first dance teacher (and if I remember correctly, I had to be pushed out onto the stage for the first time!)  How long have you been at JC and what have been some of your favorite moments/performances? 

LVA: I have been at JC since I started dancing. One of my favorite performances was actually your first solo (with Jack Remini) to Big D. You guys did a terrific job and it was the first solo I ever got to teach!!  (Editor's note- too cool! I had no idea!)  My favorite performances happen to be my dances with Mr. Bill, especially Fabulous Feet and a trio to Good Morning with Bill and Doug Carabe.

G&G: What is your favorite form of dance? 

LVA: TAP!!!!!!

 Miss Linette, far left. 

Miss Linette, far left. 

G&G: What's your favorite musical? 

LVA:  My favorite musical was Bob Fosses Dancin'. Theres nothing better than a show with just dancing, and Bob Fosse's choreography at that!! Next in line was 42nd Street.

 Miss Linette and Mr. Bill, my favorite duo! 

Miss Linette and Mr. Bill, my favorite duo! 

G&G: Ginger Rogers was one of my inspirations for this blog. How has she inspired you? 

LVA:  Well I love Ginger Rogers and all of the movies she made with Fred Astaire. My first duet with Mr Bill was modeled off of them. 'Whenever You're Away from Me' from Xanadu.

G&G: Any tips or advice for young dancers who would like to become a dancer and/or dance teacher?

LVA:  My advice to anyone wanting to be a dancer or dance teacher is to TAKE CLASSES. As many classes as you can! You can't ever learn too much. My training for becoming a teacher was student teaching as much as possible at all levels. That's how I realized that teaching young children was something I really enjoyed.