My Obsession: The Nike Studio Wrap Pack. Just Do It!

I'm absolutely loving these for my barre classes!  


The Nike Studio Wrap Pack.  Sylish. Useful. And they come in different colors (I also love the  black.)  As I slip my feet into them, I reminisce about tying up my own pointe shoes back in the day.   At $110, they may seem like a lot of moolah, but you can wear these shoes in so many different ways-  ballet flats, without the lace up, and as the site states, "this three-part footwear system combines a barefoot feel with protection, traction, support and style".  Seriously, check them out. 

I'm also a fan of Toe Sox or even going barefoot from time to time, but I truly think these babies are the ultimate choice.  They also make a great holiday gift.  Will you be adding them to your Christmas wish?  I may have to.