Juice Cleanses. Yay or Nay?


So it's the holiday season and I'm really trying to be aware of my diet, eat clean and so on. But then again, it's the holiday season and and sometimes we just want to drink wine, eat pasta and dive deep into a pumpkin pie, right?  I'm debating on trying a 3-day juice cleanse (especially since I have some trips coming up to hot climates! Woop.)  I know there are tons of articles, posts, etc. out there on the subject but I'm completely overwhelmed by choice.   Everyone raves about BluePrint,  Dr. Frank Lipman, Suja and more.  I even see Groupons available on random fresh cleanses here in NYC.  Except I haven't taken the leap just yet. I also can simply start making my green smoothies in the morning courtesy of Kimberly Snyder (side note: pick up her book the Beauty Detox. Tons of great info inside.)   So I'm going try one and share my experience.  But inquiring minds want to know.  Do you cleanse?  How did it go? 

Stay tuned... let's see if I can do this! 

Photo credit:  BluePrint Cleanse