We all have a story to tell.  

Fit Collective NYC was born of a common goal among friends-two as a matter of fact- Jenna and Erin.  They both share a love of fitness, teaching (they're both barre instructors) and living an authentic life that's spiced with inspiration and FUN!  They've each been influenced by so many people- friends, family and fierce instructors.   At Fit Collective NYC, our goal is to shine light on those individuals and celebrate them. 

New York City is such a vast and high energy landscape brimming with tons of fitness options- from your boutique yoga, pilates or dance studio to the big chains.  Whatever your flavor,  we want to know what works for YOU.  What keeps you going?  Who's influenced you in your fitness journey?   Yet how can you share your story without knowing ours?  

Meet Co-Founders Jenna and Erin:


Jenna is a born and bred New Yorker and a dancer at heart.  She danced her first steps at the age of 3, and continued to dance throughout college. She studied all forms of dance including ballet, tap, jazz and modern, and the pure joy of movement and performing ignited a life-long passion for dance and fitness.   Yet life has its twists and turns which takes us in our own direction.

                                          L to R:  Jenna Muller and Erin Henke

                                         L to R:  Jenna Muller and Erin Henke

Fast forward fifteen+ years and with a fast-paced PR career in tow, she felt unsatisfied and burnt out.  She craved being in a studio again and became certified in pilates and barre3.  She still consults, but fitness is a huge part of her daily life.   She was always interested in storytelling and felt a strong pull to create a strong community of fit-minded people just living everyday life out there giving their all.  After a conversation with Erin after class, they decided to partner up and take on this new endeavor together.  As a wife and a new mom, she's quickly learning how to balance it all, including carving out time to exercise, teach and be present.   This is a safe haven of rockstars of all ages.

Along with Erin's infectious energy and positivity, she's excited for what's to come and ready to write her next chapter. 


It was no secret that Erin would become an artist. She was born into creativity at a young age and living a creative life was what she gravitated towards.   In college while specializing in fine art, capturing individuals was what interested her the most. Their differences, their movement and the mystery of their story behind their eyes.  After graduation and experiencing life as an artist, she knew  something missing.  

Searching for moments of escape, she began working at her local gym starting her day off within the same community.  It was that vibration of power and togetherness that would later inspire her to go for it and submerse herself into this world daily.  

Meeting Jenna only made this lifestyle come full circle.  Studying the lives of people what are out there making a dent of positivity in this world and see what drives them to do it in the first place.  It's the start of Erin's new masterpiece.